Anti-Bot Icon Captcha
jQuery & PHP - v2.1.3
My custom made Icon Captcha makes the use of an anti-bot Captcha fun again! You'll no longer have to read those annoying text images. All if takes to complete this Captcha is 1 easy click!

Try out the demo Captcha:

What's new in version 2?

- The Captcha validation has completely moved to the back-end.
- More security checks have been added to the code.
- Instant validation, there's no longer a 'confirmation' button.
- Supports multiple captchas on one page.
- The design of the Captcha has been improved.
- New icons have been added.
- The credits element is now optional.
...and much more!

How to install the plugin?

You can find an example page in the downloaded archive.

To download the Captcha, click on one of the buttons down below.

This project is licensed under MIT.

View the project on GitHub